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We are the Crown of all Creation. What a gift to be born into this human life.

The human body is the roof and crown of all creations and this is a golden opportunity to find eternal happiness, bliss and peace. Human beings, unlike animals, come with the gift of being able to be conscious of who they are and their purpose in life. We can choose to live a life that is conscious.

We can tap into our higher self, our divine self, and live according to attributes that are godly. We are a part of the divine. As such, our essence is the same as the divine. Thus, we have divine like qualities. We are made of love, bliss, light, wisdom, consciousness, joy, and peace. We can live in a manner in which these characteristics guide us and shine forth from us, or we can keep them hidden. It is our choice to make.

Unity comes about only at the personal level, when each one experiences it for one's self. When we merge with the divine, and see the light of the divine in every being, we have truly realized unity. It then becomes easy for us to love all, because we see our own self in each being. If we truly wish to achieve human oneness, we must first experience it ourselves.

People of all nations, religions, and cultures are provided with an opportunity to develop love and regard for all humanity.

"Truly speaking, unity already exists: as human beings - born inthe same way, with the same privileges from God; and as soul - a drop of the ocean of all - consciousness called God, whom we worship by various names. We have forgotten this unity - the lesson has only to be revived." -Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj

"I have learned to cherish all creation as my own, Your message of love is the very meaning of my life." -Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

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