Crushers' Shop Announcement

Crushers makes stylish and luxurious accessories designed to keep you cozy and comfortable. These beautiful, functional pieces will keep the chilly weather at bay whether you're outdoors or inside.

Every accessory in my shop is crafted by hand one at a time by me here at home in Seattle. I'm happy to respond to any questions directly. Purchases are cheerfully refunded if requested. See the policies section for more details.

Please write if you have any questions about my work. And please follow me on Twitter for exclusive seasonal and holiday specials!

I'm honored that you visited my store and I hope you will let me know how I may be of service to you. Thanks!


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FashionGland (Italy):

Molti ringraziamenti, bella signora!
"The Perfect Cool Weather Accessory" on the very stylish blog The Sparkle in Her Eye"

Thank you so much, Lisa!

My comfy cowl in chartreuse is featured in "Keeping Warm" from Hena Tayeb, photographer extraordinaire:

Thank you, Hena!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.