CulturedPottery's Shop Announcement

As Etsy has changed their policies to allow factory made items into the venue but still calling them handmade, Counter Culture Pottery has moved all of the inventory off Etsy to another online shop.

Learn more about how Etsy is allowing large scale manufacturers onto the site here - -

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The original idea that started etsy, straight from the archives-

Rokali 4:26 pm Mar 3, 2007 EST

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. Etsy is built by artists, for artists -- and for customers conscious of the true value of handmade goods and their creators.

Etsy's marketplace is a community. At the heart of every transaction is a direct relationship between the maker and the buyer.

We, the members of this community, join together to earn a living from what we make and to support those who make things. Our vision is to build a new economy and present a better choice: Buy Handmade. Cradled in our community, our intention is to support the independent artist and create viable alternatives to mass-produced objects in the world's marketplace.

With the Industrial Revolution we lost the connection between producer and consumer; we no longer know who makes our daily bread, our clothes or our furniture.

We are using the Web to reconnect: to once again allow the producer and the consumer to know each other; to swing the pendulum back to a time when we bought our bread from the baker, food from the grocer, and shoes from the cobbler. Through the forging of friendships and with a commitment to hard work, our community and our cause will prosper.

what etsy is saying now -

Marketplace guidelines, October 2013

We've made some changes.

These new policies are crafted to support a diverse community of makers, designers and curators — from the solo artisan just starting out, to the full-time seller hiring staff, to the artist who partners with a manufacturer to bring her creations to life.

The size of your shop is up to you.
Hire help if you need it or collaborate, even from different locations. Everyone who helps you make handmade items should be listed on your shop's About page.

You can use shipping and fulfillment services.
If it's right for your business you can let someone else handle these logistics. Keep in mind that shop owners are ultimately responsible for buyers' customer service experience.

Manufacturers can help you produce your designs.
Sellers create their handmade items in many different ways. Partnering with an outside business is okay, but we'll require you to be honest about how your items are made.
Want to find out more? Check out this shop's About page.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.