CuriousMatters' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop!

I am currently in week one of adding new stock for a re-launch of my store! Each week will include a theme of vintage dresses, bags, belts, and various other finds!

Check out my Instagram account: CuriousMattersEtsy for updates and special sales!

As a lover of vintage and used items, I am pleased to offer some of my favorite finds to you!
I constantly find myself thrifting at local charity stores, and my parents never know what I'll bring into their house X)
If you have a particular interest, I would be more than happy to look out for you as I shop. The more eyes, the sooner you can get what you like!
In the meantime, thanks for shopping!

Because I buy these items second hand, and likely without any information from an original owner, my descriptions are based on observations and research. Please let me know if something looks misrepresented :)