Soft toys and nursery accessories for baby and kids.

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Little soft toy pillow filled with spelt husks.
Soft felt toy. It can filled with a cherry pits pillow to became a hot/cold toy-pillow.
Little felt owl party favors.
Little soft toy pillow filled with spelt husks.

"Art is a step that goes from Nature to Infinity." Gibran Kahlil

I love walks on the beach, especially in winter, stopping to admire the foaming waves, perhaps in the company of my dog. And 'there that I get the best ideas! I love this contact with nature and try to use to transmit materials that respect.

♥ I always had the "burning hands" are a well of ideas and imagination in constant evolution. I love expressing my creativity, see the material that is transformed and takes the form of my idea.

♥ What material or materials used in your main craft?
I only use natural materials that respect nature and are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, such as cotton, linen, felt and wool. I also love to use materials which have their own life and trasmit well-being, such as organic spelt husks and cherry pits.

♥ Tell us briefly the stages of processing of your products.
Normally I take some days to try to materialize the various ideas running through my head. When the idea finally becomes real.. I begin.. and I create, create, create, unable to stop my hand.. And in that moment there was nothing and no one around me.. just me, my ideas, and materials that come to life.

♥ Do you think people should buy handmade? Why?
Handmade meand fun, creative, imperfect and created with love. There's beauty in the imperfections. Handmade items have a soul, and you can feel it.

"I am following Nature without being able to grabbing it; this river go down, rise again, one day green, then yellow, dry afternoon and tomorrow will be a torrent." Claude Monet
My name is Valentina. I am 30 years old and I'm from Tuscany.
I love my land, because it still preserves intact corners of wilderness, as I like.
I live in Grosseto, a city near the sea, the expression of the most elegant and impetuous nature.