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2 weeks

New ornament sets in the shop! New designs, new colors, and one or two more being finished up now. Perfect "just a little something more" gifts, and make beautiful tie-ons for wrapping!

3 months

Been awhile since I've run a sale - EVERYTHING is marked down for the long weekend! I'll be discontinuing some product lines when these are gone, so it's an extra good time to grab things you like. :) Happy shopping!

10 months

Sold! Packing up one of my cute mini-doilies (link is to another) to ship out in the morning. Color game is strong tonight. artcherry_blossomgiftsparkles

2 years

Lots of supplies in storage until August, but sneaking in a few colorful stitches on future C&SH items. sparkling_heartrainbowsparkles (Forgot how fun of a pattern this one is!)