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Announcement    CydoniaOS is opening string for the Fall!


Last updated on Oct 12, 2019

CydoniaOS is opening string for the Fall!

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Home is where the heart is.

I've always been find of visual art making, well, I am fine of everything; space; nature; art; traveling; food; culture; the mundane things in life especially. Making art and craft has just retained my interest more successfully, not out of enjoyment, not out of vocational desires, but out of fascination. The buildings, clothing, and spaces in which I have my personal affairs were constructed in collaboration of function and fashion. The meals we enjoy on a day to day basis combine allurement and sustenance to make an essential part of living more enjoyable and unifying. The languages use collectively in our vast, beautiful world is intricately made into the image of artisans through symbols, recognized as text.

CydoniaOS came to be in waning to showcase themes of togetherness, home, and community through nature, myth, and legend, as those are themes and concepts widely understood and enjoyed. In CydoniaOS products and personal projects alike, I believe in showcasing themes of home, togetherness, and community to showcase how beautiful our world is and can be. Drawing inspiration from nature I want to advocate for nature conservation and in depicting positive messages of communion I want to encourage people to be kind to one another. Ever since volunteering in my local print shop in freshman year of high school, frequently stopping by the whole foods in the same building, and in seeing the parks in close proximity to the building, I've ignited a sincere desire to establish feelings of unity and consideration of life around you.

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Hey, my order seems to be taking longer than expected...

Hello! Depending on your location and shipping method items may take longer than expected to arrive at its destination, so please be sure to take heed to estimated shipping times. If they seem to go beyond shipping times, be sure to contact the postal delivery service.
Additionally, CydoniaOS brand is a one person operation. I try to exercise great care in packaging, sending, and sorting any products, concern, and developments within my artistic ventures. Not only does the work need to be shown courtesy but you as buyers need to be shown the same care when it comes to your purchases.

Of course, I'll always try to send out items as soon as possible, but it's important to be transparent and direct in aspects such as these.

How do you pronounce "CydoniaOS"?

Sigh-Dough-Knee-Uh O.S.