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Hand embroidered quilt detail
Final touches on the Wonderland quilt
Felix and Charlotte Fox choose a tree

Following the threads.....

Fabric has been an obsession for as long as Cynthia can remember. Her early interest, lead her to follow a path full of textures, textiles and techniques all related to fabric and sewing.

With varied work including fashion, television, sculpture, couture wedding dresses, and custom quilts, her greatest passion has been sharing the joy of sewing with others.

Last year she decided to put her passion for teaching into practice with the launch of her line of threadfollower hand-stitching kits. Each adorable kit makes one palm sized animal which can be completed in an afternoon or evening. They are the perfect project for beginners and advanced sewers alike and a wonderful project for parents and children to make together.

“What I love most about threadfollower is sharing my passion for sewing with others. I love hearing from my customers about their threadfollower experiences and seeing their finished creations. Sharing the magic of stitching is what this is all about for me!”
Cynthia Treen
owner, maker, designer, curator
The goal of threadfollower kits and patterns is to foster
stitching and handcrafting because “making” makes me happy and I want to share that joy with others!

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