CypressMoonFurniture's Shop Announcement

Regardless of where you live, outdoor furniture is a perfect accessory to any homestead. There's nothing quite like a porch swing or glider to sit and relax in. In today’s fast-paced society, we have a tendency to get so caught up in everything around us that we often times end up missing the best things in life. Here at Cypress Moon, we truly believe in the therapeutic benefits of our handmade furniture! Therefore, we've proudly adopted the philosophy “Learn To Be Still”.


Cypress Moon features beautiful, cypress furniture that is handmade in Louisiana. We're a family-owned & operated business that has been building wooden furniture for over 25 years! Our famous Porch Swings are available in 4 different models: The Standard, Rollback, Flip-down Console and The Swing Bed. Besides our Swings, we also sell Wooden Gliders, Adirondack Chairs, Benches, Rocking Chairs & Patio Sets. Our rustic, unfinished furniture is constructed from high quality cypress that is harvested here in Southern Louisiana. We take great pride in being an American Furniture Company and hope that the quality of our craftsmanship proves it! The Cypress Moon Family looks forward to the opportunity of offering you these fine products and we thank you for visiting us!


Cypress wood is nicknamed as the "Eternal Wood". Cypress has a strong tolerance to environmental elements and has been known as the world's wood of choice for thousands of years. Very few woods match the properties of cypress when it comes to sturdiness and strength. Cypress wood can be easily identified by its handsome, straight grain that portrays a gorgeous array of colors. This unmatchable beauty is enhanced by life long durability. Cypress lumber is naturally decay and insect resistant and continues to be rated as the most durable wood in America. It has little tendency to warp, twist, or cup. It even matches up to teak wood in outdoor performance, yet cost sometimes 10 times less. Because of its beauty, natural durability, and broad versatility, cypress' popularity continues today!


First of all, our products are handcrafted only as ordered - meaning we only construct a piece of furniture AFTER we receive an order for it. We do not waste our natural resources by making numerous products in hopes that someone will buy them someday. Secondly, our Eco Furniture is made from high quality cypress wood that grows naturally in the swamps of Louisiana. Because cypress lumber contains cypressine, a chemical found in cypress that naturally protects it from decay and insects, our unfinished Porch Swings, Adirondack Chairs, Rocking Chairs and Wooden Gliders are officially labeled as Eco-Friendly Furniture because no harsh chemicals are needed to preserve the wood! Although our products are offered in various finishes, it's not necessary. Cypress furniture will hold up in the elements for many, many years in it's natural state!