D4Haley's Shop Announcement

Last update with new stuff added:30 June 2015. Nice wholesale cabochon lot deals!

NOW ****GRAB ‘N GO*** PACKETS. For the crafts expert who only needs a few beads to finish a project, but doesn’t want to buy a full strand of beads or wait 3 weeks for International post delivery. The idea is to buy a few beads at a time, not to break the bank, AND introducing a new concept….free shipping within the USA always, but if you buy 3 packs of GRAB ‘N GO labeled items only, you get a REFUND of 10% of your total order when shipped within the USA. You save me postage by combining items, I’ll save you money. International shipments have low additional fees.

POSTAGE: I just have to add, all my prices include domestic postage (first class). I also include some International postage in the price of the item (it actually costs $7 to mail a 1 ounce envelope right now, not including the costs of supplies). However, because some customers ask, I have to say I do NOT make money on fact, the postal structure I use is such that the only time I break even on postage is when multiple items are ordered....AND as International customers know, I do refund excess postage.

Please remember all my prices not only include postage, they include INSURANCE to most companies through Shipsurance.

I do use small bubble wrap envelopes for smaller size orders. I use new corrugated cardboard boxes for other larger orders. My supplies are purchased NEW.

Place an order and it's standard store policy that within 24 hours of pressing your order button, your parcel will be on the NO EXTRA CHARGE. You read right. New shipping methods, and I will most likely ship within 24 hours. If you order in the morning hours (central time USA), I will most likely get your parcel out that afternoon. Again, at NO extra charge!! Zippy shipper here.

NOTE TO BUYERS IN RUSSIA: The insurance company I deal with, Shipsurance, has reported a very large increase in the number of parcels lost (over 200% increase) and I'm not sure if they will cover shipments to Russia anymore. They recommend using priority airmail which is more expensive. Another alternate I can suggest is registering your parcel which adds $12.00 to the cost. If you are ordering from Russia, I do not like penalizing anyone, but if parcels are getting lost, I will now only ship priority airmail or via registered parcel. It's for everyone's safety.

Semi precious gemstones and some precious gemstones mixed in this shop... along with some natural gemstone beads.

Labradorite fans and buyers: I'm going to be even harder on grading my Labradorite from now on. I will not sell a gemstone in my shop that is absolutely not useable, but I will be tougher on color flash grading. Also, please understand all Labradorite has internal feathers (fractures) as the stone forms. I will try to point out any that are more obvious or might affect the integrity of the gemstone.

DESIGNER GEMS category: I'll be adding to this category featuring lesser know gemstones and very fine gemstones, so check often.


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.