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Last updated on May 30, 2018
Frequently asked questions
Help! I can't find my downloads

If your device/browser didn't give you a popup, check your order confirmation email for a link. You can also check your order history, where your invoice will have a link to any digital items to download.

If that doesn't work, check out Ety's more in-depth help article here:

My clothes are coming out too big/small

Most common problem is printer settings. Make sure your printer is set to 100% and is not set to shrink/enlarge to fit!
Second most common problem is fabric. If you use a fabric that is not what is recommended, it might not fit (either too thick a weave or not stretchy enough, etc)
Finally... make sure your seam allowances are what the pattern calls for. You CAN adjust the seam allowance (see next FAQ question), but you can't just sew a different one than what is included in the pattern and get the right fit.

Can I use a different seam allowance?

Step 1: Cut out your pattern pieces.
Step 2: Trace your pattern pieces onto new sheets of paper, giving each a lot of space around them.
Step 3: Take your ruler and measure out an extra 1/8” (if you want a ¼” total seam allowance) or ¼” (if you want a 3/8” total seam allowance) all around the edge of the pattern where it is marked with a solid black line aka a cut line. Make a bunch of dots, as close together or far apart as you need them.
Step 4: Connect the dots. Tada! You have a new cut line for your patterns. Don’t forget to mark where any patterns will need to be placed on a fold.
Remember: if you do this you will need to trim the fabric back and use fray block. On small dolls, big seams mean bulky, ill-fitting clothes

Do I need to use a sewing machine or can I sew by hand?

If you don't have a machine, you can sew them all 100% by hand. Small doll clothes need precise sewing, so hand sewing is sometimes even faster than using a machine!

I'm trying to figure out my doll's size. Help?

You can read a full FAQ which spells out what dolls are in each size here:
There's also a bunch of sizing charts with measurements at the Requiem Art Designs website,

How do I get my printer to shrink/enlarge?

Between your device, operating system, programs, and printer, every configuration will be slightly different. The most reliable way is to print out the pattern at 100% and go to your local library, print shop, or anywhere else that has a photocopier and use the % setting to resize your pattern.
If you can’t figure it out with your computer and can’t get to a photocopier, you can order a print service in the Etsy shop for any pattern you have bought previously (just note which in the comments). I can get it done for you, but since you have to pay for shipping and I have to pay for Etsy/payment fees, it’s almost always cheaper for you to get it done locally.

Can I commission a pattern?

Sure! I let people sponsor patterns (you get the pattern you want, but a copy also goes into the shop) for $75 for regular sized patterns (most patterns).

If you would like exclusive use of a pattern, my rate is $20/hr and it takes between 10-20 hours to develop a pattern.

Do you have video tutorials?

Currently, no. Just about every sewing technique (ex "Gathering", "how to sew in a sleeve" etc) is already covered on youtube extensively, and pretty much the same in human size as doll size. If you're a beginner, I recommend looking up those if you need help, because videos on specific techniques are more in-depth and helpful to beginners, whereas videos I make would just reiterate the written instructions already included in every pattern.