DJWeeks' Shop Announcement

Hello, I'm Biologist Dave!

In this Etsy store, I mainly sell native wild plant seeds from the Central Oklahoma area and beyond. I have a side hobby of photographing seed design structure i hope you find of interest.
I also harvest the natural terracotta clay in Pink, Oklahoma, and using the scientific method, have invented and rediscovered some amazing clay based technologies I hope the world finds useful.
How does the world's smallest working metal forge that runs on any nut shell and alcohol sound?
Check out the Microforge and Microforge Mini winged series.

Have you seen the Amazing Lamp I have created which gasifies any oil into an amazing gas flame on demand?
Check out my amazing oil to gas lamp!
There are PDF Tutorials for both including plans to build your own!

I write original and uplifting music for piano, synth, guitar, and have hidden links to a free sample .mp3s for checking out my store!

Finally, check out my wife's miniature clay store @

Thanks for Stopping by my Red Earth Seeds Etsy Shop!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.