Handmade ceramics

At my wheel. Nothing is more satisfying than boards full of thrown mugs
I love chatting to my customers when I am at the various markets I do - this is Sydney's Eveleigh Artisan Markets
and here at The Spot Festival, Randwick.
My work often starts as a sketch in my notebook.
kiln ready for firing

Maker of things ceramic

My 6 year old niece asked me recently what I do for a job (she had just been on a visit to her dads' job in an office). We were in my studio at the time, playing with clay. I said "this is my job". She said "What! You just make lots and lots of things out of clay and that's your job?" "Yep, you've got it". I'm not sure if she was impressed or thought her aunty had lost the plot...

My life is simple. I make lots and lots of pots and then sell them in various places; in galleries, in shops, at market, and here.

It took me awhile to arrive at this simple existence. First I was in an office working as a Landscape Architect. Next I was a student again, learning about clay, then I was working in a series of pottery workshops - some big, some small. Then, oops, I found myself working in a large Bank in England. Then finally after many years, I am back in Sydney running my own pottery studio business.

Those 'lots and lots of things out of clay" are functional tablewares, feature vessels and occasional sculpture and jewellery.
Denise McDonald
owner, maker, designer, curator
Originally educated as a Landscape Architect, I went on to do a Diploma of Ceramics in Melbourne (Holmesglen TAFE) in 1996/97 and then a Traineeship at Dartington Pottery in England.

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