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11 months

Here is one of my Flannel Flower pitchers under construction in my studio. I slowly handbuild them from a slab of clay. Building up a three dimensional form from a flat slab of clay is great fun.

1 year

These are my coffee cups standing up to the ware and tear of everyday life in a busy cafe in Sydney (Blackmarket Roasters). The cups in the tagged listing are the same design (although glazed slightly differently), so I can vouch for their toughness.

2 years

Here are my small Flannel Flower plates in production. They are thrown on the wheel in a way that gives them an irregular rim - each one will be unique

2 years

This is my studio in Randwick. You can see handles lined up on the bench waiting to be attached to mugs.

2 years

There are often many failures behind the successful ones that make it to the shop. Working with ceramics is challenging. Here, I'm using a different clay and it would seem that the new clay can't take the inherent tension in this form.

2 years

I'm making more tea bowls today. Here you see the base being refined on the potters wheel. Clay gets cut away as the wheel rotates until the desired shape and foot ring look right. Later the pots will get fired, glazed, then fired again.