DODSKULT's Shop Announcement

Leathers, Metals, Stones & Bones. Dödskult Romantik offers timeless macabre jewelry, accessories & oddities, handcrafted with an emphasis on taste & refinement. Only the finest hand-picked materials are used; No plastics, or mass-produced materials. We make no exact replicas, so you can rest assured that when you buy from us, not only are you receiving a quality product, you are also getting a unique piece that only you will possess.

Appreciators of the beautiful, macabre and unique, we welcome you to our store and hope you enjoy browsing our selection of custom creations.


***Dödskult Romantik in no way endorses animal cruelty, sport hunting, or the suffering of any living creature. Our art is in tribute to the profundity of life and death. There's something fascinating and beautiful about the fact that each of the animals used had their own journey and experiences; our hope is to imbue each or our pieces with a little bit of that magic.