Handmade rings, jewelry and crafts

Making a gold bezel for a ring
Making some wire swirls
Prepping to bead set some stones by hand.
Filing the center bezel
Designing with CAD software is another way I am inspired to design and make jewelry.

Time will decide

I have a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and three children. We are all in this life's adventure together.

I've always been interested and inspired by Art. I feel that my whole life I have been making things with my hands. My hobbies were destined to be my career, but in the beginning I wasn't always so sure. To tell you the truth I always knew I wanted to do something with Art, but I didn't know what. In time I found jewelry something that was very unique. It never got old because there was always something new. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and bringing a new idea to reality.

What inspires me? Anything beautiful to my eyes. It can be a building, a tree, someone's art, nature, or anything else that brings me joy to look at.

I love to draw patterns. I have a few themes that I've been working on for my jewelry band line. Some are just creative expression while others are more planned out and engineered. The first time I ever started in jewelry was traveling and living in Lao P.D.R. I stared silversmithing and learned a lot about making their traditional jewelry and bowls that are chased with beautiful patterns. When I returned to the USA I continued exploring the jewelry field and eventually got a job working in other metals such as gold and platinum. Over the years I've learned how to repair jewelry, carve waxes, set stones, cast, and much much more. I've always love to hand make jewelry and in 2005 I started to learn CAD (computer aided design).

CAD was a great change. I felt I could be more free and express myself as an artist better. I could create anything I imagined. It's like magic to me. After I get an idea I either sketch it out or jump straight into CAD and design rings.

I do have a day job designing jewelry and doing custom work for a jewelry store, but when I get home at night is when I'm able to create and let my mind think about my business. Kids are in bed and I'm able to focus on my work. I don't always have enough time for creating as I'd like to, but I think that's for every artist. As any artist and business I strive to grow everyday and your support helps me get there. Thank you!

I hope to share my Art with you in a new and interesting way with my ideas. Only time will decide what Art will become. Thank you to all of you who inspire others. :)
Justin Thorup
owner, designer, maker, curator, Photography, Shipping,
I'm split in two:Modern technology and the complete opposite, Primitive technologies. I'm all about putting my heart and soul into my work and it's just the love of making things that I feel is art that inspires me to keep going.
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  • A casting company Raleigh, NC, United States This company is used to grow waxes of my designs and then cast them in metal for me. They have more than 35 years experience in the jewelry field and do top quality work. This is why I have chosen them to be a part of the process.

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