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Unique handmade jewelry off the bench.

I love making jewelry out of silver, gold and other crafts that involve leather, bone and other natural materials. When I can I like to start from scratch by melting the silver or gold down to make my jewelry. I also like using materials I find for other crafts and enjoy working with leather.

I'll explain a few methods I use in creating my jewelry.

Cast pattern rings:

These rings I make using very modern tools. I get an idea an then I make them using 3d software. It takes a lot of work and skill to build nice jewelry in 3d. This process is much like hand carving a wax, but only I'm doing it inside a computer. The next step is to make the wax. The 3d computer file is sent to a machine where it is printed or milled to create the wax. From there the ring is cast and I then clean up each ring and finished them they way you see in the photographs. I believe I can be more free and artistic in creating art by using these modern tools. Nothing I make is mass produced and I make them one by one.

Woven bracelets:

My woven jewelry is made in two different ways:
1. To weave a single piece of wire to give the woven feel. It's kind of like crochet with silver wire. This method requires the wire to be thin and so the weave looks very delicate. It looks great and is perfect for anyone wanting this weave and something delicate at the same time.
2. A true loop in loop method sometimes called Etruscan weave. This method is made by weaving lots of loops together that give it the woven or braided feel to it. The wire is usually thicker and heavier for this method. It's a very beautiful weave and it lasts a long time.

I'll add more methods and ideas to my creations over time. Just check back every now and then. :)

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Come back often to see new items. If you have any requests I am happy to do custom orders.

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