DandDDigitalDelights' Shop Announcement

Peoples!! Don't forget! When you purchase 10 images at one time--you are entitled to a FREEBIE! Every 10 items purchased--you get a FREEBIE. So send me a convo with your 1.99 image choice, and I will send it to you. DON'T FORGET!

I've created a new section. MERMAIDS and SEA SPRITES! I've noticed that I've quite a few images of mermaids, sea creatures and water babies and decided to give it a section of its own. For now, at least. Last Chance and Bargain are now combined. I'm still adding more to each price point. . And loads of gorgeous new pieces. Check them out!

INSTANT DOWNLOADS! When you've paid, you can immediately download your purchases! No muss, no fuss!!

BARGAIN IMAGES---$1.25 I've created a section devoted to those images that I've listed lower for various reasons--they are smaller, or black and white, or fabulous pieces that people have either missed or ignored, and I don't want to give up on!

LAST CHANCE IMAGES--$1.15 means exactly that--once the one up is sold, it will be no longer offered. These images are a super bargain.

I've also added a new PRICE POINT! Now some images are offered at $1.49 as well as the usual $1.99.

All images have a size listed--this is what I consider to be the optimum size for the piece. PLEASE be aware that not all images will enlarge well. All can be reduced with no problem. NONE will enlarge to a giant poster size--I doubt any images listed on etsy for craft purposes can.

Dynamically different digital downloads are what D&D's Digital Delights offer. Instead of tired old redundant images, you will receive unique, rare, splendiferous illustrations and antique postcards.

You are purchasing an incredibly sharp, clear, digital image scanned at a high resolution, 300dpi in jpg form.

Once payment is received, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD your images.

Our images can fit on 8.5 x 11 paper.


What fabulous things can you create?
Announcements, Invitations, and place cards, (think wedding, engagements, baby!)

Paper Arts: Jewelry: Used on transfers: Print and Frame For:
Greeting cards Earrings Tee-shirts Baby's Nursery
Stationery Bracelets Tote bags Child's Room
Bookmarks Necklaces Pillows Wall Decor
Gift tags Napkins
Scrap-booking Dish towels
Altered Art Ribbons
Card Making

And any magical thing your artistic bent can create!

The Fine Print (No pun intended)

To make this as simple as possible--you are welcome to ALTER our original image and create bookmarks, greeting cards, gift tags etc., and YES, these you can sell on etsy or where ever. However, using our images exactly AS IS to create a digital collage or CD/DVD for resale is NOT acceptable.

Do make fantastico art with our digital delights! Do make JEWELRY, GREETING CARDS, BOOKMARKS, TAGS, ALTERED ART, etc., etc., for SELLING on ETSY or elsewhere.

Do not use our images in digital collage sheets, resell them AS IS or reproduce them in a compilation CD/DVD for resale, or share them with buddies.

We and our little elves work tirelessly to ferret out special pieces of paper ephemera, which we then scan and restore to perfection for the discerning creative customer. Taking our work and reselling or redistributing is not only bad form, it angers our little pals. And you don't want to make an elf mad! So please refrain from practices that you would not want done to your artwork. Thank you!

We carry tons of rare, unique, unusual, vintage and antique digital downloads. Gorgeous vintage illustrations, graphics, magazine covers, matchbook covers, song sheets and antique images abound at D and D Digital Delights!! You will be amazed at the variety of downloads to choose from.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.