DandelionsSmile's Shop Announcement

❀ Welcome to "Dandelion's Smile!" Naturally pretty jewelry that celebrates the beauty of nature and all of the beautiful flowers around us! Little globes of Dandelion Wisps and dried Queen Anne's Lace! Lovely Chiyogami papers in beautiful settings of walnut, maple and mahogany! Even antique copper bezels and sterling silver!

One of the first blossoming flowers of spring, dandelions have long been symbols of good things. It's said that if you make a wish right before blowing on dandelion, your wish just might come true. If you blow on a white dandelion head and every seed scatters then you are loved. Woven into a wedding bouquet, they are meant to be good luck for a newly married couple. When dandelions appear in dreams, they are thought to represent happy unions.

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