Dangos is taking a short break.

Thanks for checking out my shop!

Unfortunately, my shop will be closed until further notice :<

However, if you absolutely must buy something, I am definitely free to convo! :)

Thanks for understanding!

Here's a quick overview of what my shop contains dango-wise:

Phone charms - $2.50-$5.00

Sewn from Fleece:
Small dangos (4in diam) - 1x$8, 2x$15, 3x$19
Medium dango (8in diam) - $15
Medium/Large dango (10in diam) - $25
Large dango (12 in diam) - $35
Bean BAG dango (as in no filling; 18 in diam) - $30

Message me if you have any questions/want pictures!

Or email me :)
drios [!at]

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Dangos' Shop Announcement

EDIT: Since I am in school right now, I don't have too much time for sewing. As a result, I'm only taking a limited amount of orders and will try my best to get them out as soon as I can (usually between 2 and 3 weeks). If you need an order FAST, there's a $10 fee, so please order in advance! Thanks :)

I'm currently a third year Computer Science and Engineering major at University of California - Merced :)
Every purchase you make goes straight to my college fund!