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We don't have a lot of extra space, so I don't keep tons of supplies on hand. This small space in the bookshelf is mine!
I usually only have time to make a few pieces when I get a chance to sit without the kids. I work at the kitchen table!
As a busy mom, a good manicure is something I seldom have. :p

The Birth of Dark Angel Accessories...

I have always been a creative person, but I haven't always had the time or the patience to let myself really make anything of it. I'm musical by nature, and I have mostly concentrated on that area of the creative arts. I went to college on a flute scholarship and participated in honour bands and advanced orchestral competitions when I was in high school.

I grew up in Northwest Alabama, in an area that is ripe with musical history. This is an area that caters to all of the fine arts, with monthly shows and street fairs, and there are lots of very talented artists here. The creative force is strong with the Shoals area. :p

My 3 children and I moved into Sheffield in 2005, and I married my current husband in 2007. We have 3 children together also (the latest one born on April 12, 2014), so that is 6 altogether and our house is definitely a circus! I'm so proud, though, that all of our kids are creative and it's been so much fun to watch their particular interests develop and to aid them whenever we can.

In recent years, I've become enamoured of the various scrapbook materials available...I particularly enjoy the printed papers, and it's fun to mix and match them. I like to see how wildly different patterns can come together with a common colour scheme. I make occasion cards for friends and family, and they seem to appreciate the personal touch that is present in the middle of the array of store-bought cards. Several of the pieces currently for sale at any given time in my shop are made from leftover bits of scrapbooking paper that I could not bear to throw away!

I started working with glass and glass glaze in early 2011, when I purchased a set of magnets from Wal-Mart. I noticed that there were air bubbles all inside the glass and that if I turned it in different directions, the picture inside became distorted or invisible. I wasn't too happy with that. I paid money for a mass-produced product, and I suppose you do get what you pay for. I looked online and found the supplies were very inexpensive, and decided to start making my own.

Friends came to the house and admired the magnets I had made, and one said, "You could almost make necklaces out of these!" That started the gears turning. Again, I bought a few supplies and tried my hand at something new using a few rogue pieces of scrapbook paper. The result? The first time I wore one out of the house, I had people who didn't even know me to stop and ask me where I bought my necklace. I gave them as gifts within the family and got a very good response, so I decided to go online with it.

My husband also became intrigued with what I was making, and as he is a budding graphics designer, he wanted to come up with a few new designs for me to use. We are currently exploring the craft-fair circuit that this area offers, and trying to get business through Facebook and word of mouth. Our two Facebook fanpages are linked below in the links section.

At this time, everything you see in my shop is in stock and ready to ship. I am first and foremost a mother, and I also freelance write for a living, so I have a lot of real-world responsibilities and custom orders can take up to a week to complete, depending on the size and quantity.

But if you can dream it, I can make it. This is such a limitless type of photographs, initials, movie stills, nature photography, artwork, cartoons...anything can be made into an accessory, and anything can be personalised to suit your lifestyle! I will be happy to make time to handle any custom orders, and my goal is to keep at least 100 items in my shop at all times. I have a great love of all things geeky - I grew up in a Star Wars house - so you will see a lot of my personality in my shop.

If you don't see it...ask! :)
Jamie Burnett
owner, maker, designer, curator
Jamie is a happily married mother of 6, who enjoys creating personalised items for family members and friends. She is also a freelance writer with a great love of all things musical and geeky.
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