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DarkInc1's Shop Announcement

DarkInc1 brings you the best in graphic art and exclusivity.

All prints will come with a certificate of authenticity as well as the print being numbered and hand signed by myself.

These prints are professionally printed and are not home giclée prints.

Please allow 3-5 days for items to ship after receipt of payment.


For 1 month only all prices have been slashed to $30 a print...


Please remember when buying limited edition or original art that you’re paying for the research, skill and the hours that goes into making a “work”. Some of my work takes between 10 – 20 hours to complete, just think in a $ per hour sense.

Remember you’re not buying a mass produced print in a run of 10’000’s, they are original works or at least very limited runs to give you exclusivity and something different.

What would you rather have? A great piece of art that’s different, original and the artist has put their heart and soul into; Or a mass produced clichéd print by a large multinational company that everyone has? (face it all they want is your money, they don't care about the art)

This is not just to promote my sales, this is for every artist out there that wants to make a mark and do what they enjoy best.

Next time you want to buy a picture for the living room, think about getting a picture from a small artist. You’ll be helping the artist to produce more as well as getting something very cool for yourself.

Most of the time you can't buy a work cheaper than you can in the shops/stores anyway. What's your excuse?

All commissions considered, "one of a kind works" will cost $60 depending on what work is to be done, this cost is based on a normal A3 print. (negotiation is always possible on "one of a kinds")

All purchases come with Boris Karloff - Frankenstein and Sean Connery - James Bond 6 1/2” x 4” limited edition postcards.