Darlinjewelry's Shop Announcement

Darlinjewelry is the Thailand handmade fashion charm bracelet jewellery which fascinated with classy vintage rhinestone style. The name of darlin came from “The nickname of girl who you care deeply for" which is originated in 2012. In each collection, we designed in variety style such as feminine elegant, masculine and fashionable by professional designer.

Moreover, Darlinjewelry is the unique handmade product which focuses on the combination of leather and jewelry. The strip made from the good quality leather such as sheep and cow leather. It is created to be customer friendly and easy to wear in day time or night time. In term of jewelry, we arrange, glue and sew them by hand. So it made our product to be good quality and unique.

In each collection, we think it like traveling of customer and darlin. So, we made it like a baggage because we would like to make our customer to enjoy with shopping like they pack their baggage for traveling. In addition, we create a lookbook story for make customer impress and approach easily by creates the product in each collection to be the character in story appropriately by the color and the design.

Because of charming of the jewelry, we would like to make it wear easily but still fabulous and elegant. Thus, Darlinjewelry is not only the outstanding jewelry but also invents by heart.