DavesBooksandArts' Shop Announcement

Hi, this is my little space on Etsy, I paint watercolor and do pastel prints for fun. I am recovering from an illness which left me with some cognitive issues and this helps me gain some of it back. I like making these and although I no longer work as an electrician I find this to be more rewarding at this time in my life. I love writing also which helps me regain some of my brain skills and although I will never be the same as I once was, I have had and I have lost. The book "My life, a life story of a man infected" was written after I struggled unbelievably after my hospitalization with trying to understand why I couldnt process information as I used to. I worked for many years and also came from a rather abusive childhood. It wasnt until I recovered somewhat that I learned to appreciate what little I have left. I hope you enjoy looking at the books I have written and for those who have purchased my little paintings. Dave

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