DavidSamplonius' Shop Announcement

David Samplonius creates functional art which takes on the question of what is "artificial" and what is "natural". Learn more about him at

"The Artist" Ruminates on His Beginning:
Where did I begin? Or when? Tough questions. The path to what I do now was not linear, still isn't. I think I, like many artists, am led by my interests. I started out wanting to examine the form and shape of wood, which led to the Hall Mule. Even then I was caught up in the idea and definition of nature, both artificial and "natural" and not the medium itself. So many of my early pieces took what many would understand to be natural forms and lines, but I then cast them in aluminum or clad them in bronze plate. In that sense, I don't think that I have ever deviated from wanting to know and understand humanity and our interaction with the world. Even pieces that may seem out of my normal line of work, such as the Six Drawer Stand still follow on this need to understand how we fit, how we think about things we create, like furniture, and how and when we allow them to cross the line into art.

David Samplonius' Etsy shop is run by Sarah Samplonius and TISK Marketing. See for more information.