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These unique pieces of jewelry are individually handcrafted and finished to ensure a long and pleasing life.
The colors are the naturally produced oxides of copper created entirely by heat....absolutely no dyes or paints are used.......As the copper is heated it changes from a raw copper color right through the range of colors you see below......I can stop at any point and then create the starburst effect through torch tip control. Since the starburst centers are hidden by the torch tip, I have limited control over the finer nuances of their colors.

Because of the nature of this process, no two pieces are ever exactly the same, and colors tend to drift to either side of the target....blues, for example, may have some purple or green (or both) in them adding to the richness of the pieces, and many 'iridesce' between several shades of color (particularly in the green/ yellow/ pink transitions).....something the still camera cannot capture. Abstract pieces, in particular, tend to be unpredictable and may differ slightly from the illustrated model.The backs are polished copper, and finished items are sealed with three coats of clear lacquer either side to prevent further oxidation and to give a durable gloss finish.

Unless otherwise noted you will be getting a copy....it will not look exactly like the photo....I match the pattern and color, to my laptop settings, of pieces that are photographed under bright, white light in order to create a reasonable reproduction....if this makes you nervous, bear in mind that for any pair of earrings, one piece is essentially a copy of the other.....they are not identical, but they work together as a pair.....when I produce an order my copies are as close to the model as the model's components are to each other.

Color perception is a tricky thing.......simply put, it is a response to available light.......in the dark there is no color, in bright sunlight it has optimal intensity and depth. These pieces are photographed under bright, white light.....they will not look the same under a 100 watt domestic light bulb, but they will if you take them outside on a sunny day. And, remember, different monitors frequently display slightly different colors.

Earwires are sterling silver hooks.....The ones with the ball and coil above the eye, seen in some of the illustrations, are stainless steel and are available, on request only, (as are lockable sterling silver kidney wires or handmade copper hooks), for any earrings.....
None contain any nickel.

All pieces have the length dimension of the copper component listed in the description below the main photograph....(relative image size does not correspond directly to actual size... sometimes I shoot close-ups!). Should you prefer a different shape or size from that offered, just let me know.... size change is not a problem for most items, although it may entail a small price adjustment (up or down). Earwires add about a half-inch to the overall length of earrings

If you buy 4 items, you get a 5th item, of an average or lesser value, free of charge. This offer is cumulative, so if you order individual items over a period of time you get the 5th one with the 4th order....but you have to ask for it (so I know that you took the effort to read this)... simply add a note as to choice when ordering the 4th item.

For shipping and delivery information, refund policy etc. click on the SHiPPING and POLICIES tab beneath each item's page photo.

Much of this information, and more, is scattered about the various individual items' pages... and, although it is necessary, I dislike being overly repetitive.....I have a horror of falling into the reiterative military tactic for cementing information into the heads of recruits......First you tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em....then you tell 'em.... then you tell 'em what you told 'em!

Thanks for taking the time to read this...many don't, so I am constantly bombarded with needless questions that necessitate polite answers! 😊

If you do have a query about something not plainly stated here or elsewhere on the site....... or need any clarification or advice, by all means email me.....I would be delighted to respond (politely).



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