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Loose recycled circuit boards that will be used for jewelry and embellishments for home decor products
Metal from a scrap metal facility and electronic doo-dads
Our booth from the old days when we did craft shows complete with a back lit huge chicken brooch!
The team at work doing what we do
I love doing custom work when time permits. This is a large wall piece commissioned by a private school.

Recycled Circuit Boards Come Full Circuit By A Circuitous Route

Twenty some years ago when we first created a business out of discarded circuit boards, nobody quite got it. In fact, many people thought we were a bit nuts. Recycling wasn't in vogue and ' repurposing ' wasn't even a word in the common vernacular.
Come to think of it, neither was ' upcycled ' or ' being green' .

I like to think that I take after my father who for as long as I can remember, would collect things that others threw out and then find a new use for them. He was always on the hunt for a newly discarded treasure. So seeing a circuit board for the first time and immediately being drawn to the beauty of the colors and patterns, it was perfectly natural for my thought process to go along the lines of " What can I create with this amazing piece of technology that was clearly designed for some other purpose? "

Back in 1992, there was no internet ( who could imagine 'online commerce' ?! ) so all our sales were done the old hard way - meeting in person with museum curators to show the Three Ring Circuit line ( our line was sold at the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum shop for instance ) , wholesaling to brick and mortar shops or having our own booth at a craft show.

We knew we were on to something when at our first craft show we sold out of all our recycled circuit board clipboards the first day. Rushing home we made another batch only to again sell out.

We now like to joke that the world finally caught up with us which we realize is a bit of an exaggeration, but we can still recall some of the odd comments tossed our way when Three Ring Circuits was first introduced to the marketplace.

What started as a creative whim , quickly grew into a full time business with product after product being added. We were very lucky that all the circuit boards we salvaged were originally created as prototypes for different companies so none had ever been 'stuffed' before and this made the cutting a bit easier but not by much. Just figuring out how to cut a large circuit board into a smaller size or shape was a feat in itself. Many bandaged fingers later, we finally figured it out.

Jewelry was the first item that I tried my hand at - creating earrings, brooches and then cufflinks and tie tacks .
Joel next thought of creating our large line of office products followed by home decor items that I created with my Fine Arts background to guide me .

There's really no end to what we can make since we spent a lot of time dumpster diving in 1992 and rescuing circuit boards before they were hauled off to a landfill.

Dumpster diving is an art in itself - picking and choosing circuit boards that spoke to us , visiting scrap metal facilities and once again foraging for treasure.

Various local department stores allow us to routinely peer into their dumpsters to retrieve clean bubble wrap that is about to be hauled off. It never ceases to amaze us how much perfectly good bubble wrap is tossed each day - during the holiday season, these dumpsters are usually overflowing with plastic.

As our business has evolved, we have never lost site of our goal - to create new products out of cast away circuit boards and do our little part to save the planet.

We always welcome custom work ( time permitting ) so never hesitate to contact us.❤

► Recently a photojournalist from Voice of America heard about us and came out to spend a day and visit our studio.
Here is the youtube video :
Debby and Joel Arem
Owner, Designer, Innovators, Proud Dumpster Divers
We are a husband and wife team who for the past 20 years have created new products out of recycled circuit boards. Quite often we add scrap metal or vintage beads to create a lot of visual texture.
Nahani and Mikhaela
Studio Supervisors
Gobi and Hoover
Zen Masters

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