DebraAnnSalat's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Etsy Shop. I am a hand embroidery artist and knit/crochet accessory designer. All of my work is one of a kind. I enjoy color and texture and use it in everything I make. All of my hand embroidered pieces are hand drawn and hand embroidered and all of my purses and scarves are organic and develop using color and texture to make unique designs. I take custom orders and finish projects that are left undone by those who have passed on or are unable to finish that cherished heirloom. Please contact me if interested.

The hand embroidered pieces start with a simple design which is then added to by my hand embroidery needle. I just let the color and the needle lead me in whatever direction they want me to go. All of my pieces from primitive to abstract are done with two strands of embroidery floss and each line is done individually. It is a time consuming but meditative practice and therefore each piece is different from the one before it and after it.

The hand knit purses and scarves are also done in an organic way with each color, shape and texture selected on the spot. I am interested in texture and color so many of my pieces reflect that interest. I do not use patterns so each piece is a one of a kind. I have a preference for certain styles and certain colors but that is where the uniformity ends and the one of a kind begins.

I hope you enjoy my work and would like to add some of my one of a kind pieces to your collection.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.