Photographer with a craft obsession

As I said in my bio, I was a "multimedia studies" major, so I spent a lot of time in various art classes. I fell in love with digital photography though. That became my focus during my last few semesters. I enjoy outdoor photography the most and using natural lighting. Recently I starting working part time at a craft store and all my childhood memories of crafting came back to me and I started buying stuff that I didn't really need, just because I knew there was something I could make with it. So, I started this shop. I get to spend extra time that I have, creating things that are cute, pretty, useful... whatever! What fun is that??
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I am an artist of many different media. I LOVE photography and digital arts, but I dabble in watercolor and acrylic. I was a "multimedia studies" major in college which included a little bit of everything. It was a blast!