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Boom, like that. You'll get it after reading.

(July 13, 2016) Hello! My name is Tara, co-founder of Dendro Co. As a small business, based only online, it is hard to give our customers the same feeling you would receive when you walk into a local mom and pop shop. Like that bell that rings when the door opens, how can I give you that feeling when you visit our shop online. Ding. Serge and I started this company together back in March 2013. I know this "about us" section is for the general purpose of writing a description of what makes us unique - what our identity is. Why should a customer select us over the competition, etc. I started typing "handmade in america, built to last, guaranteed for life, free shipping" and decided to take a different direction. I didn't want to lead with that, because it honestly is not what sets us apart. Those statements should not be a unique identifier, but a standard here on Etsy (in the U.S. based market). I know what sets us apart, and it is simple, Serge. My guy, my love, my life. How fortunate our company is to have him, how fortunate I am, our kids are, employees, and customers are to have someone like Serge, behind it all. Who is always thinking about us, dedicated to us, and who refuses to let us down, will never give up.
What better way to explain than getting personal. Please read entirely, because I have a personal message for you, our customers, as well. Serge doesn't know about this yet, I felt it was better for him to stumble upon it one day. I will update this when he reads it, until then you will be among the first readers, thank you.


Serge, I wrote you a love letter, online, and at the end I am going to hit save so the world can read it. I demand that you read it while listening to "Boom, like that" Mark Knopfler and do not read until that song is playing.

{I'm going to San bernardino ring-a-ding-ding......}

I want to thank you for what you've done for our family. I remember the first day we met like it was just yesterday, but the 2 years that followed are not so prominent I honestly don't remember them since life really didn't begin for us until year 3.

Year 3 is where my memory begins, Feb 2013. We took our first vacation together to Key West, FL. We were rookie travelers and spent all of the money we had on this trip, and then some. It was cold, rainy, and absolutely not what we expected. It was so poorly planned by me, for example the rental car that I forgot to book, the hotel that we had to leave after 2 nights because I booked it for the wrong dates, etc. The last night we were there you gave me a promise ring and said "in a few years when we have more money I will propose with a big diamond ring, but I want you to wear something until then." We never talked about marriage before, we never talked about our future, but we mutually knew where our relationship was going. We were on the same page, and I can't explain how it felt in that moment when it was confirmed, you wanted to love me forever.

We get back from our vacation, and 2 weeks later life changed. I sat on the floor in the bathroom looking at the test, 2 lines, 2 very pink prominent lines. It was the third test, so it was confirmed, I was pregnant. I was so scared to walk out of the bathroom, I was so scared to tell you because I was fearful you would be upset. I thought maybe I should wait, you had a stressful day at work, what do I do. Maybe I shouldn't even tell you. I got off the ground, and with the test in hand went out to you in the living room.I started to talk and it came out with my words being said while laughing because I was so nervous- "I'm pregnant". I started to cry before you could even respond, trying to prep myself for your response. Before I could even show you the test in my hand you jumped up, hugged me so tight, and said "I love you so much, let's go tell my mom the good news". I love you Serge. That night we sat up and talked in between watching episodes of "Mad Men". After 3 years of dating we were finally talking about our dreams, who we wanted to be as parents, who we didn't want to be as parents, how we would afford a baby after we just spent the little money we had saved on a vacation. Is our 1996 acura RL going to be safe for a carseat, its missing a rear view window and has no a/c. Should we get married, everyone will judge us. You grew up so differently than me. You moved here from Belarus (russia) when you were 7, had to readjust to a completely different lifestyle, language, home, life, etc. You were exposed to different cultures, you learned how to study people because you couldn't speak english and were thrown into the mix. I on the other hand met 1 person in my whole entire life up until you, that I knew was from a different country, it was in 4th grade and her name was Marina. When I met you I asked you how you moved all of your things on a boat from russian to america. I asked what Ellis Island was like. You laughed so hard. I was so unexposed to life. I didn't have a dream, because I never was forced to think about it. I thought I was unable to go farther in life without a college degree. You on the other hand had a dream, to own a business, you always had an american dream. The first quality I found out you possessed when we met was that you have a will, you have a will and a way to get anything done. For example your motorcycle. If you needed to buy a part and it cost $75.00 online you wouldn't buy it. You would go to home depot, buy the metal, and using whatever tool you had create a hole in it, and fabricate it yourself. Yeah, you lit me on fire once by accident, but you knew how to put it out right away. Stop drop and roll baby! You didn't ever limit yourself. I trusted you and look up to you almost as my own super hero - you can do anything. We knew that night we had to make a change now, we couldn't wait. What business could we start? How can we make a living? How are we going to move this old barn wood if we get evicted. And then we google searched how to sell the wood for cash. We looked online and realized we were in the heart of a market, the midwest, for reclaimed wood furniture. I knew you could make a table, a bench, why wouldn't you be able to, you can do anything. We then searched Etsy, and by the end of the night had a plan. What we did next was, looking back, absolutely crazy. We left our jobs. We walked away from steady paychecks, stability, weekly income, and took a huge leap of faith. I was pregnant, and to everyone else that was the stupidest thing we could have done. "Aren't you scared" everyone asked. No. We weren't scared. I questioned my own mental state of mind since I lacked this fear, everyone was so convincing that we should be scared. We knew this was the right path to go down. We were officially unemployed, rent was due in 3 days, we had to borrow $20.00 for gas to go and search of a rental space to open up shop. We found a small unit for rent, signed a contract that day, and somehow talked our way into being able to not pay a single dime for 30 days including the deposit. We sold our window a/c unit and bought the basic tools we needed to get started, took the wood we had, it was go time. You spent all night building. I took photos all night, and started listing on Etsy. You were wearing a green thermal, and had these old yellow gloves on that I actually never asked where you found them. I was sitting on this cold, metal folding chair, working on my laptop right in my lap, it was so cold, we didn't have heat at the shop yet. This stands out because you looked at me that night with such pride. That was March 21st, 2013, our first order came in on March 24th, 2013. We accomplished that together. I love you. In the first month we exceeded any goal we had in mind. Our first month ended with more sales than we expected to receive in the first year. Every month we grew and grew and grew. Little Joe bear was born Sept 27th, 2013 and I can't believe how much changed for us in that short amount of time. Just the other day I called you into our room because I found an old t-shirt that I wore almost everyday. It had dark walnut wood stain all over the middle - remember my belly would stick out so far and i'd bump into the tables that I was staining.

I never dreamed that today we would be trying to manage the growing pains of our business, trying to handle 1,000 + orders a month, trying to grow. I never dreamed you and I would have 2 little boys now, our whole world. My little boys, Joey and Mikey, who I know are going to grow up and be men, with values and principals from watching their daddy. They have a super hero, the strongest man alive who can do anything. And how true that statement is, you're our hero Serge.

Life has gotten busy, I ask that you wake up each morning and go to bed each night knowing that you are a remarkable man and father. You continue to make my our life amazing every day, I love you.

{Kroc style, boom like that...........}

Love, T-Bone.


As of July 13th, 2016 Dendro Co has received over 12,000 individual orders. Our gratitude for that will be forever shown in the quality and character of each piece we build. Everything we build, is built by hand, and guaranteed for life. Our furniture is built with reclaimed wood and hand fabricated industrial-inspired accents. Every furnishing is a truly unique fusion of rural and urban America. Is it the easiest process? No. Would an assembly line somewhere overseas be cheaper? Probably. But the way we look at it, when things are built with love, they’re built to last. Our customers deserve products that last, and we stand behind that. We care about each and every customer because we owe you, our customers, for giving us a once in a lifetime experience that comes with starting a new company. You allowed us to know what it feels like to be truly proud of something. I can't describe the satisfaction of creating something that will not only be a conversation piece, but knowing that our tables are surrounded by loving families and friends for generations to come. Our customers are the reason why we had an unbelievable three years in business. Our customers are the reason why we have something, a business, to give to our sons and to keep within our family for generations to come. We are fortunate for you, our customers, for teaching us Delayed Gratification. It comes from our process, it comes from the past 3 years of learning and knowing the future will be gratifying. It already is worth every night that the shops lights aren't switched off until 2:00am. It's worth the tough grind, every second of it. How fortunate we are to have the ability to receive the best of both worlds; Delayed Gratification and Instant Gratification. Instant Gratification comes yet again from you, daily, while we stamp each product ordered with a message for you. It's not our brand. It's not a hip logo. It's a message for only our customers to see, the highest rank in quality: Handmade Furniture, built right here in the US of A. Thank you.

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Last updated on July 13, 2016
Welcome to Dendro Co's Etsy page! We have a passion for reclaimed, old growth wood and all it has to offer. We design and create handmade furniture out of wood salvaged from old barns, factories, and warehouses deconstructed in the Mid-West. Typically, the wood would be thrown into a landfill or even burned. Thankfully we are able to save it. This wood is anywhere from 100-200 years old and has a story all of it's own. There is so much character to old growth wood, unlike the new lumber that is grown fast on tree farms. And don't worry, we make sure to include the history with each order that includes how old the wood is, and where the wood came from,so you will know the story behind your handmade piece.

Accepted payment methods

  • Check
You may pay for your orders with: Credit Card, PayPal, Check, or Money Order . Currently, the Credit Cards we accept are Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® Card. At checkout, please carefully provide your exact name, billing address and telephone number that is on your credit card statement. Any incorrect information can cause a delay in processing your order.
Most of our items ship via small package (ups, fedex, or usps). Larger items may ship via LTL, Freight Carrier. If you are unsure about shipping method, please send us a message to discuss.

UPS, FedEx, and USPS transit times vary depending on location and service. Shipments are sent without signature required, but carries have sole discretion if required.

We stand behind our products and have policies in place to ensure we can provide the best experience. If your item arrives damaged, you must contact us within 24 hours after delivery, we will then replace your order. If you do not contact us within 24 hours, we will not be able to assist with any replacements, refunds, repair - it will be your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier. Please see "return and cancellation" policy below for more information.

LTL Freight Shipment Information
(for large orders/items that exceed size limitations of small packaged)

1. The freight carrier will contact you by telephone to schedule a delivery appointment. Without a delivery appointment, the carrier will not deliver. Transit time varies and ranges from 2 - 10 business days. This is in addition to our build lead time displayed on our listings. Transit times are estimates and are subject to change.

2. LTL Freight is “Curbside Delivery” meaning that service provides delivery to the curb or at the end of your driveway. You should make arrangements (including extra manpower) to move your products to their final location. The driver is not responsible for transporting products beyond Curbside Delivery. Please make sure you have help to bring your packaged and palletized product inside. Your shipment will arrive on a semi-truck. The semi-truck will have a lift-gate to bring the pallet to ground level.

3. Be sure to inspect for damage or shortage with extra scrutiny. When you sign the driver’s delivery receipt, you are acknowledging receipt of all products in good order. Before signing the delivery receipt, you are responsible for inspecting the shipment for damage. If any damage or shortage is discovered, DO NOT SIGN the delivery receipt. Contact us immediately at (815) 271-5640 or via Etsy Message. You as the customer have both the right and responsibility to inspect the goods before acceptance. If your item arrives damaged, and the damage is not visible at the time of delivery, you must contact us within 24 hours after delivery, we will then replace your order. If you do not contact us within 24 hours, we will not be able to assist with any replacements, refunds, repair - it will be your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier. We will not be responsible for damage to any products that were signed at delivery in good order.

You will be responsible for extra shipping charges if:
1. Your delivery address is outside the contiguous United States (e.g. Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico)
2. Your delivery address is classified by the carrier as remote (e.g. Island with limited access, Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
3. Shipping costs incurred due to negligence or unresponsiveness
*These costs will be due to Dendro, Co. prior to final delivery. If these costs are not paid, or if the carrier is unable to deliver the shipment for the reasons stated above, your shipment will be treated as a return and rerouted back to us. You will be responsible for all fees incurred including re-consignment and additional transportation charges. These will be deducted from your refund. We really prefer not to do this, so please keep in contact with us and/or the carrier so that you receive your order as quickly as possible!

Orders Don’t Qualify for Free Shipping:
If your delivery address is outside of the Continental United States, you will be responsible for any and all clearance costs, duties, and taxes due on your order.
Refunds and Exchanges

We handmade each item to order. Because of this, we have non-negotiable return and cancellation policies in place. By purchasing from our shop, you are agreeing to these terms. To cancel any order, you must contact us via Etsy Message within 24 hours after the order is placed. The 24 hours includes Saturday, and Sunday. After 24 hours, but no more than 5 business days, it is our discretion if the cancellation will be approved. If we accept the cancelation, you will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

We do not accept returns on any products.


Once your package is delivered, you must contact us via Etsy Message within 24 hours after delivery to advise us of the damage. As long as you contact us within 24 hours after delivery, we will replace the item or send needed replacement items. We do not offer refunds on items that arrived damaged.

Freight Carrier Shipping: If you receive your order and there is visible damage AND it shipped via Freight Truck, refuse the shipment. Do not sign, write on, or initial any shipping paperwork from the Freight Carrier. If they demand that you sign, write, or initial anything - please call us right away (815) 271-5640 so that we can talk to the driver. This is very important that you do not sign, write on, or initial any paperwork. If it arrives damaged, we will replace the item at no cost to you but you must refuse the shipment. If you do not refuse the shipment, we will not replace the item since you signed the shipping paperwork as "received in perfect condition". The best way to handle freight damage is to call us while the shipping company is there still. We do not issue refunds for damaged items, we only replace the damaged item.
Additional policies and FAQs
We use reclaimed wood not only because it is a sustainable material, but reclaimed wood has extraordinary patinas, grains, character marks and colors. Wood from old barns, mills, houses, bridges and even boats go into transforming ordinary household items into exceptional home décor. Small nail holes, cracks, splits and old joints give testament to this rich history. Our products have a simple natural finish applied to keep the product looking and feeling as natural as possible. Any spills, stains, little nicks and scratches do blend in and add to the overall character of the wood, especially the case with dining room or kitchen tables. There are simple things you can do to keep your reclaimed wood furniture looking great year after year.

*Prevent water stains
Immediately sweep the whole surface of the furniture equally (including dry areas) with a wet cloth. Use a dry cloth to finish off with in order to absorb more water. It is always a good idea to use a coaster underneath the glasses or coffee cups on tables to prevent water rings from forming. We include a FREE set of coaters with each order.

*Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight
Strong constant sunshine can sometimes change the colour of wood from original soft, honey browns to more of a sliver grey colour pallet. If you would like to prevent this, simply use curtains or blinds to regulate sun exposure.

*Reclaimed wood furniture should be kept a safe distance from direct heat sources such as fireplaces/heaters/radiators as the wood can dry out and cause cracks. A temperate and stable environment is best.

*Hot Spots
Reclaimed wood is remarkably heat resistant. However hot plates and pans from the oven should have heat pads or trivets underneath for additional protection.

Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended. Additionally a slightly damp lint free microfiber cloth can be used to wipe down the reclaimed wood furniture. Make sure the cloth is consistently turned in on itself to make sure dirt is removed not just moved around.
Furniture Polish is not recommended because they can build up a residue and start to eventually attract dust. The furniture will have shallow cracks into which crumbs can fall. Simply using a brush (small paintbrush works best) to extract the crumbs can easily solve this problem.

*Since we use reclaimed wood, customers should expect variations from photos and within complete package. Any variation or defect is acceptable with reclaimed lumber if the product is structurally stable. These are examples of character marks that can appear in reclaimed lumber: mineral staining, color changes, species changes, weathering, discoloration and staining, rough-sawn, cracking, nail holes, loose knots, tool marks, dents, thickness variations, splitting, and mixed grain patterns. If customer has specific standards for items such as color or texture of wood, those standards need to be very clearly put in writing in advance.
Dendro, Co provides a lifetime, non-transferable limited warranty starting 24 hours after the product is received. Warranted items include cracks that cause structural concern or defects that make the item unsuitable for use. Dendro, Co. will substitute like item or may opt to refund price paid for original item.

*Customer will pay for freight for replacement item that is under warranty*

Any cosmetic defects will not be considered warranty items if common to style wood. Cosmetic defects must be brought to Dendro, Co's attention immediately upon receipt of shipment. No other company, institution, or organization’s expressed or implied warranties or standards are warranted or guaranteed by Dendro, Co.

-Dendro, Co. will not pay for any inconvenience, displacement, potential loss of income, or any other claims besides replacing original item in the same condition as it was originally shipped.
-Wood movement and operation that can be corrected with common installation practices are not warranted.
-Minor joint cracks.
-Loose knots.
-This warranty is void if item was improperly installed or cared for.
-Moisture damage.
-Humidity damage such as bathroom.
-Temperature, moisture or climate swings
-Sun damage.
-Any item built under 1 ½” thick with reclaimed lumber.
-Warping in plane of item under 3/8”.
-Application of any finishes or undesired results from any finishes.

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Last updated on Jul 13, 2016
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Shipping Information

If your item arrives damaged, you must contact us within 24 hours after delivery, via Etsy Message, we will then replace your order. If you do not contact us within 24 hours, we will not be able to assist with any replacements, refunds, repair - it will be your responsibility to file a claim with the shipping carrier.