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Set of twelve Beads to Buckskins Books

Each of us has talents and opportunities that are uniquely ours. If you are willing to use your talent and are willing to summon the discipline that is required to develop your talents and to hone your skills then you have the capability to become a professional in creating and designing beadwork, garments or career person of your choice and that’s precisely what you should desire for yourself.
As you seek to expand your talents, you will undoubtedly encounter stumbling blocks along the way, such as the fear of rejection or the fear of failure. At times your best friend can be your worst critic. When you do, don’t stumble! Just continue to refine your skills. And when the time is right use your talent to further your career but it’s up to you to be thoroughly prepared when you do.
Have you ever attempted to do something special when it seemed that everything went wrong? When you have an ultimate goal in mind but how do we get there? You can accomplish many things if you keep a positive attitude about your ability to design and create to reach your goal. Who is your role model? Most of us know that if we want to learn a new skill or sport or instrument, it is best to find a role model to follow. Someone who has been there, done that and can show us the way we are to go. We can watch, learn from, and imitate our role models.
The Beads to Buckskins book series was designed to inspire and stimulate your own creative ability, teaching simplified steps and illustrated instructions showing short cuts to save time along with patterns. One of the most positive features are the many photographs in each of the twelve books exposing beading Artists who have accomplished the most astounding and beautiful wearable art forms in Beadwork, from necklaces and earrings to garments and much, much more. I am certain you will find a project that will spark your interest.
Sincerely The Author
Peggy Sue Henry

We offer this complete set of twelve books at a great savings,for $100.00 and the shipping to anyone in the USA is free, International shipping 21.00

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