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The indisputable king of the Southwestern Sonoran Desert landscaping, the almighty Saguaro Cactus! DESERT GALLERY specializes in art-works that have been created exclusively from the inner wooden-skeleton of the Saguaro Cactus, often referred to as “Ribs”. Naturally perfectly imperfect Saguaro Cactus Ribs, twisted, bent and characteristically seasoned under the harsh desert conditions.

The native (Tucson, Arizona USA) Saguaro Cactus commonly grow to enormous statue, weighing 3,500 to +6,500 pounds and reaching heights in excess of 50 feet. On occasion, the Saguaro will parish for unknown reasons. Over the span of many summers and under the intense heat of the Sun, the Saguaro will shed its outer green layers, lose all those prickly thorns and all the outer remains will eventually tumble to the ground. After the lengthy natural decomposition process, all that remains is a "hardwood skeletal trunk”. The hardwood trunk is comprised of many wooden “Ribs", and are considerably harder-stronger than one might expect. No special treatment required, the Saguaro Ribs will continue age naturally without any special treatment or care on your part.

Although the Saguaro cactus is not a threatened or endangered species, Arizona does enforce specific regulations regarding the harvesting of cactus skeletons-ribs from the desert floor. Please be assured that we take great pride and strictly abide by all State regulations first and foremost. Always considerate of what is in the best interest and long-term preservation of the desert that we so dearly love.

God Bless,

David Bennett, Designer/Craftsman/Shop Owner

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