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Samadhi has been described as contemplation, a state of blissful absorption, divine trance, Shangri-La, a spiritual state of consciousness.

According to Osho, Samadhi is a beautiful word that means that Now, in this moment, everything is solved. It means “samadhan”, the state of being when Everything is achieved. The moment of no desire; when there is nothing else left to achieve. The point where there is no beyond. One has arrived home. One is yoked to the eternal Truth, the Universe.

Although my personal experience with Samadhi has been subtle, sparse and limited to its outer fringes, and by time, the memory of this state of being where The Truth reveals itself in its pure form is what keeps me returning to my own Yoga practice and Path.

I created the Samadhi bracelet as a reminder for myself to continue my search for this state filled with understanding of Life’s mysteries, where for a few brief moments the idea of “I”, usually associated with the ego, disappears, it melts in the ocean of the entire Universe, and you see your Self as a tiny drop, part of the Whole, free of form, name, desires, past or future, emotional turmoil, where the mind and your thoughts are no longer in the driver seat, but just tools that provide us with deeper understanding of our existence, and a direct non judgmental experience of each living moment. And this can only be achieved little by little, step by step, breath by breath, asana by asana.

Goswami Kriyananda writes in The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga:“Samadhi is awakening to a way of life that is not a denial of life, but a movement toward living in simplicity, wherein you learn the simple truth: heaven lies within.”

It is my true wish for all of us to be lucky enough in this lifetime to find the courage and strength to allow ourselves this infinite adventure to search for and ultimately find Samadhi, and flow with it towards Kaivalya, absolute freedom.

I hope this bracelet will serve as a symbol of my wish.

♥ ༇ ☯ ༇ ☮ ༇ ♥ ༇ ☯ ༇ ☮ ༇ ♥ ༇ ☯ ༇ ☮ ༇ ♥ ༇ ☯ ༇ ☮ ༇ ♥ ༇ ☯ ༇ ☮ ༇ ♥

Glow from within,

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