DesignersDen's Shop Announcement


When I was a child my mother, a fashion designer, had an idea of opening up a clothing boutique in the den of our house. She wanted the flexibility of being able to work from home and raise four mischievous children at the same time. As a result of this “Designers Den” came to fruition over 25 years ago. My childhood was filled with beautiful fabrics, buttons, lace and zippers among many things. The sound of the sewing machine became almost comforting since I knew my mother was within my reach at anytime. Over the years she created the most beautiful haute couture dresses and gowns I have ever seen. My mother eventually closed the boutique, once we all graduated from high school and made our way to college.

The attic of my parent’s house is filled with all of my mother’s wonderful vintage fabrics and supplies. I promised her I would help clean out the attic and in conjunction with her, thought it would be a great idea to share all of the ingredients of her wonderful creations with the world! Designers Den is open for business once more!

With the warmest of regards,
Designers Den


**Packages are mailed every Monday, please place your order by 6pm on Sunday in order to be mailed on Monday morning. Thanks!**

All of the fabrics and clothing are actually at my parents house which is 2 hrs away from me. I am usually there on Sundays, this is when I put the packages together and bring them back with me and mail them on Monday on the way to work!! Thanks!!

Unless otherwise stated, all measurements are in inches and are taken on the outside of a garment. Each piece is laid flat before measuring. Bust, waist, and hip areas, etc. are measured across and then the measurement is doubled. I measure each garment at least twice to ensure accuracy. If your waist is 29" and the garment waist is 29", it will not fit if it is a fitted garment - an allowance of 1" to 2" is always best, even more on thicker and heavier items such as outerwear.

Take something from your wardrobe that fits you well, measure it in the same fashion we do and compare your measurements to ours.