DesignfortheEveryMan's Shop Announcement


This is the shop for the avid collector of Mid Century Modern collectables, furniture, artwork, and more. If it would fit in the set of Mad Men, then this shop is all over it! We love the clean lines, emphasis being true to the material, high quality, and artistic flair that you see in Mid Century pieces. Take a look at what we have, and come back often. Our inventory is always changing.

We also like to call our store a retail activist boutique, which means we believe that by purchasing used, we are not only saving our wallets, but also the environment. Go to any thrift store and see that many times we don't have to purchase new. There is so much already in this world, why not focus on what is already here and save our consumer money for investing in social issues like solving hunger or raising others' quality of life...? If you agree with me, support us fellow etsy shops who are making a difference by selling last years' models!

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