DesignsByAliciaP's Shop Announcement

Suede! That’s what I LOVE to use, but I am an ‘artist’ in every sense of the word, so I delve into many materials; resin, oil paint, found objects, etc. Since childhood, I have made art of all kinds, and have been thriving solely off my work for the past 2.5, (8yrs in business). The inspiration for all of my pieces, whether jewelry, wall-hangings, paintings, or hand-painted clothing; is nature, the cosmos & themes of ‘life after death’. Much of my work has a mystical overtone, stemming from my ability to tap into my unconscious mind.
Having Jewish & African American Heritage, I was exposed to the best of both cultures; sparking my fascination with the world. I received a BA in both Anthropology & Fine Art from Rutgers University, while also travelling in/out of the country, learning & collecting. I enjoy breathing life into each component, transforming/mixing the new with the discarded. I work at a micro & macro level; the goal is to create a mini universe within each piece.