Artisan, Diana Trentalange Johnson

Forging & Forming Tools
My Jewelers Bench
Applying flux so the solder will flow into the joints
Time to pick a stone, shell or piece of beach glass and begin the design process

ART is my passion... my ART is jewelry.

I grew up watching my grandfather bend metal. He like my father was an Orthodontist and their lab was in our house. I would sit on a stool and talk away while my grandfather made the metal appliances my friends would be wearing in school the next day. My grandparents lived at the beach and I would walk with them and pick out shells and he would use the high speed drill to make holes so we could make wind chimes... I still use a high speed drill to make holes. I have a few of his tools on my bench and they always make me smile!

I had been stringing shells, beads and bending metal for as long as I could remember and I always wanted to learn how to metal smith. But, as life does, something always got in the way. As my three kids where becoming adults and I was turning 40 my husband surprised me with metal smithing classes and I have been working with metals ever since!

I use sterling silver and recycled 14k yellow gold in my designs but copper is my go-to metal. The cooper I use is pure and pure metals fuse. What sets my copper jewelry apart form other artisans is I work with an acetylene torch and fuse the cooper so there is no sterling silver solder line to detract from the design.
Diana Trentalange Johnson
Owner, Designer, Maker, Curator
Hi, I am Diana Trentalange Johnson the artisan that is responsible for crafting all the Jewelry in this shop.

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