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I established this business in June 2010, since my husband's job has us moving around so much he suggested I create an online business and Baby Diaper Cakes seem to be the perfect fit for me! I love to create them and the challenges of custom orders really let me branch out and try new things. My handmade 2-ply burpcloths are durable and the mom to be will use them for the months to come so she will remember your gift. I have the experience to get your diaper cake to you, or the recipient, ready for use. I have opened my boutique to my family and a friend, so there are a few diaper cakes I did not there are other gift options available for your gift giving needs. Attention to details and great customer service helps me grow as a business. Custom Orders are still accepted & welcomed, I love the challenge!.

Owner, Designer & Creator,
Dianna Stewart
Dianna's Diaper Cakes
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Dianna Stewart
owner, maker, designer, The one who does it all!
These Baby Diaper Cakes are my passion, I love to create them! I also love the challenges of custom orders.
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