DianneKargBaron's Shop Announcement

~~~~~~○~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~~♥~~~~~○~~~~~~♥~~~~~~ Hello Etsy EU clients! If you're arriving here from my tutorials website and don't see the tutorial you want to buy, please send me a message to request a custom listing!

I love to draw, and bending wire reminds me of drawing. It's a natural medium for conveying how lines express mood, form and texture. My inspiration comes from nature, from history, from mythology, from abstract art and sometimes from episodes in my own life. I'm attracted to anything that sparks my curiosity and arouses in me the sense of being fully connected with and conscious of the world in which I live. Many of the pieces I make tell a little story, and become jewellery with an inner voice.

Thank you for visiting my shop today!

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