DiaperZooDesigns' Shop Announcement

First and foremost, before you purchase any of the Diaperzoo.com LLC instructional e-books, you need to understand; THESE DESIGNS ARE NOT DIAPER CAKES. THEY ARE NOT INTENDED TO HAVE THE SAME CONCEPT OF DIAPER CAKES.

If you want to give the recipient something practical and usable... I have a cute solution: Get a case of diapers and cover it with a baby blanket, then just set your hand made diaper character on top for a great gift presentation! That way they can "have their diaper cake and use it too!"

In most cases the socks and the washcloths, etc. can be used for the new baby. Most of the (.08 cent per diaper) diapers are rendered unusable purposely to keep their unique shapes and stay that way for a long-lasting baby keepsake. Most Diaper Zoo characters are intended as keepsakes and novelty items. In most cases the receivers of these unique handmade gifts do not want to take them apart anyway! It would be like tearing apart a cute little stuffed animal!

So once you understand the Diaper Zoo "concept" is to create years of smiles and laughs, and not to supply the recipient with a few usable diapers that will last them a couple of days, please, enjoy your visit to the Zoo!