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🎲🎲🎲 FREE shipping on purchases of $35+ 🎲🎲🎲 Order 6 items in our shop in July and get an automatic 15% off in our shop! Combine this with our FREE SHIPPING and you're going to save a TON! 🎲🎲🎲


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About DiceCritters

Sales 24,133
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For Love of Dragons and Coffee ...

I love coffee. My wife loves coffee. We -really- love our coffee!

My wife and I had a large collection of coffee mugs, and we often thought to ourselves that we could make some pretty good coffee mugs that were either clever, funny, inspiring, or all of the above. With a little research, we finally decided to take the plunge and invest in all the machinery and supplies and try our hand at our own business. It has been difficult, and time-consuming ... and much coffee has been needed ... but it has also been rewarding! We started out making just about any kind of coffee mug we could think of, and the collection keeps growing by the week!

You can see my wife's "Coffee Mug Café" shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/coffeemugcafe

At some point in 2017, at a tabletop gaming convention, I happened upon a booth that was selling clay dragons, and I was very inspired. Oh, how I love dragons; I've always had such an affinity for them. I wanted to learn how to make them, too! That was quite a learning process, with many failures in the beginning, but I believe I finally discovered my own unique style of creating dragons, and I do what I can to make each one special in their own way.

Dragons and coffee mugs. Not exactly a combination most would put together, but when I finally realized I had a special blend of things that many other tabletop gamers talk about, think about, or use, I decided to open up a new shop on Etsy and try my hand at a different kind of business. This quickly led to wanting to expand and offer all sorts of things while being able to learn and create at the same time. Our dice and journals have been a huge success so far and we plan to keep those going as long as we can!

If we're not crafting items for a beloved customers, we're pretty much spending our time trying to find new ideas and better craft supplies, or we're busy at the craft table experimenting with something new! So busy! More coffee needed!

I'm very proud of having a shop that focuses on fun things such as role playing games and making them a part of other people's daily lives. I have so many other things planned! We are now working on dice jewelry, potions, and more, and I can't wait to see how everybody likes them!

Thank you for reading!

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Frequently asked questions
What is your Return Policy?

Please contact me if there is a problem with your order! All dice are shipped with insurance coverage, so if something happened we likely help replace the item free of charge!

Dice can be returned if you contact me within 14 Days of customer's delivery date and ship within 21 days of customer's delivery date.

Customers returning items are responsible for return shipping and handling.

Refund of purchase does not include original shipping and handling charges, only the amount of actual product purchased.

Refund will not be issued to customer until seller receives the item and confirms original content has been received. Customers must contact us if returning an item.

Custom orders are not eligible for returns.

Where is my package?

Check the tracking number that was messaged to you when I mailed the package! Etsy provides pretty accurate tracking, but the most updated version is at USPS ... you can easily use "google.com" and type "USPS tracking" and then paste your tracking number in the option that comes up!

Unfortunately, USPS doesn't always do a great job in scanning in shipments at each spot, but usually it's pretty good.

My tracking stopped updating, I never received the package ... what now?

Once a package leaves my hands and is delivered to the United States Postal Service, it is out of my control.

Please expect delays during holidays and winter months, and times of natural disasters ... all of these play a huge role in a package being delivered on time. Expect longer transit times for international orders!

However, sometimes a package can get lost along the way, or USPS forgets to scan it at one of the stops. Generally, these packages are eventually caught back up in the system and are delivered on-time or slightly late. This is, unfortunately, common for the USPS. Don't fret!

My package is STILL lost! How do I get a refund?

Sometimes, major delays (or total loss) occur seemingly without cause or reason stated by USPS.

After 20 days (domestic US) or 40 days (international) from the last update within USPS, together we can file an insurance claim! The number of days are rules set forth by the insurance, not myself.

After filing, the customer will have to sign an affidavit swearing they never received the item. The insurance company will do a small investigation and speak with USPS, and then give us their ruling on whether they will pay the claim or not. This is out of my control and I will strictly follow their ruling. We should both receive this notice.

If a ruling is filed in favor of the customer, a refund will be issued.

Sizing details

Plastic, resin, and acrylic dice in this shop follow the standard "16mm" sizing conventions, with some having minor variance from 15-17mm.

Metal dice found here are a tiny bit smaller, which helps reduce their weight but keeps them feeling normal when rolling.

Specific metal dice measurements, compared to Plastic:
The d6, d8, d10 are 2mm smaller, measuring at 14mm. The d4, d12 and d20 are virtually the same measuring less than .5mm in difference.

See this image for a size comparison of Plastic dice & Metal dice:

Some dice may be noticeably smaller or larger than normal. We make sure the title and description clearly annotate such differences!

Dice Balance and Bulk Sales

We do not do "balance tests". With over 23,000 dice sets sold, translating to over 161,000 individual dice, the time it would take to individually test every single one would be ... crazy! Imagine rolling that many dice, say, 50 times ... that would be more than EIGHT MILLION times! We simply don't have that much time. We also don't do salt water tests, as that only shows if there is even the tiniest bubble inside which has been PROVEN to NOT affect dice rolls or fair play in actual rolls occurring in places with gravity, such as Earth.

We do not sell in bulk. In fact, if a large order comes in for a single type of dice, we may invoke our right to refuse said sale in order for more people to enjoy our fair pricing.

Individual Dice, Ink & Custom Work

Common customer request: "Can I order these dice in just a single d20, another set with six extra d6 dice, and order these other dice with green numbers instead of gold?"

We do not sell individual dice or sets of dice in specific arrangements other than what is already offered on this site in the styles they are already offered in.

To do so would require breaking up sets and insanely increasing inventory tracking that I just do not have the time for right now, and I really don't want to break up a family and thus create poor little orphan dice without a home.

We also do not take requests or orders for custom work of ANY kind.

Thank you for understanding.

Colors of dice in pictures versus reality

We do NOT alter the colors of dice in our photos. What you see is exactly what you are getting ... for the most part. The quality and the settings of your monitor are up to you!

All of my dice/dragons/etc are photographed in a professional setting, with up to 4 different bright lights shining on them on a mostly white background (usually). This allows you to see the true colors and appearance of the dice as they were meant to be seen. The dimmer, warmer (yellow-ish) lights of your living room may darken the color of your dice because, um, light.

I assure you that NO trickery of photoshop color enhancing has been done to ANY photo in my shop! I cannot say the same for other shops on Etsy that heavily use saturation and/or hue changes.

Patterns and color pallets of dice

Plastic dice with multiple colors are created in a random and imprecise way in order to ensure that no two dice look exactly the same.

All of these dice are unique!

For instance, if you order two sets of plastic dice that are both blue and pink mixed together, you will receive two sets of dice that are randomly both blue and pink and each of the corresponding dice from each set will look different. The d6 of one will be different from the d6 of the other. One may have more blue, the other more pink, or they may both have nearly the same amount of each color but in different places and create a different pattern, and the blue and pink may mix to make a purple in a few places or not at all!

Your dice will be a blend that is RANDOM!


We do NOT provide invoices in delivery shipments! This helps reduce paper, ink, and time costs, which in turn reduces the price I would otherwise have to pass on to my customers!

This also helps reduce actual waste for something you're likely just throwing away, and that makes Mother Earth happy. Don't you want to make Mother Earth happy? Yes, we know you do!

Your invoice is e-mailed directly to you upon purchase, so if you'd like to print it out yourself, feel free, or just store it in a file for later use. You can always come back to ETSY at a later date and see what you've purchased from us at any time. YAY TECHNOLOGY!