Digitalsoaps' Shop Announcement

Welcome to DigitalSoaps, original inventor of gamer, gadget, tech, geek and geeky soap! As seen in: GamePro, GamesMaster, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Wired UK, Wonka Vision and all over the web!

NOTE: We are on vacation from August 4-12. Please note the delay on orders during that time. Thank you!

Why Us?
We are the originators of the geek soap niche!

What do I do with geek soap?
Geek soap pranking is a fun hobby that will never get old. Our soaps come in various designs ranging from NES and PS4 controllers to retro cartridges. Just imagine the look on your victim’s face when they grab their Xbox controller, ready to play some awesome games, only to discover that they’ve grabbed a delicious smelling bar of well-disguised geek soap.

Or, imagine your friend who has been drooling over a rare copy of Chrono Trigger for SNES. Buy them one of our cartridge soaps, and watch their delight turn to disappointment. The gifting ideas for geek soap are endless.

Before guests arrive you could stock up on some geek soap and make their first visit to the bathroom or shower very confusing. Will you place a Wiimote in the soap holder? A Mountain Dew-type shampoo in the shower? You'll never tire of telling guests, “The Wiimote is soap. I’m not lying. Just go ahead and rub it all over yourself.”

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