Dingocards' Shop Announcement

Hand made greeting cards, one of a kind woven rugs, and one of a kind pet throws.

Read below for the KIVA info....

The cards are one of a kind original cards. They are dimensional in that you can see and feel the different layers of papers used in the collage. All cards come with envelopes.

The rugs and pet "sleepers" are an old new project. Seeing (no pun intended?) as my eyes are getting a bit worse I think going bigger is better! But I'll keep making the cards as long as I can!
Enjoy looking and thanks for visiting!

Thank you everyone! Here is the woman you have helped by supporting my shop!

I donated ten cents from each card I sold to KIVA, You need $25.00 to help fund a loan. Once I reached that amount I choose the woman below on all of our behalves! Thank you!!!

Mrs. Chea Bona

$500 Loan Request
Pre-Disbursed: Jan 6, 2011
Your funds will be used to backfill this loan.
Repayments on this loan will go to you.
$125 Raised So Far
Listed: Feb 1, 2011
$375 Still Needed

Mrs. Chea Bona lives in Si Sla village in Takeo province and she was born in 1972. She is a farmer who owns a 1.5-hectare plot of land where she grows rice to sell to support her family. She has some problems because her field is infertile and far away from any irrigation system, and it has a lot of insects.

So to improve production, Mrs. Chea Bona is requesting a loan to buy fertilizer, gasoline, pesticide, and plow her rice field. Her husband, Mr. Vorn Khiev, is a policeman. Through these activities, they support four children, two of whom are employed in a garment factory, but the others are studying in local public school. Her husband is in the photo with her.