DirtyPawDesignsbyCat's Shop Announcement

Welcome to this beautifully odd world of mine. Take a walk through each of my aisles here. There is certain to be something that whispers in to your soul. Imagine a shop where there are vintage pieces of lace and fabric tucked lovingly on a shelf. You can smell the broken in leather that is in the beginning stages of becoming something new. There are shining jewels in glass jars, tiny charms and talismans suspended from beautiful chains hanging on the wall. Paints, glitter, beads, stones, feathers, all combine to thrill your senses.

Here is where magik is born. Created from callings of a previous life, perhaps a wandering gypsy, a country peasant, a lost soul, or a huntress. Haunting ghosts of days past that have united with the gypsy soul within me are the reason why my creations are brought to life.

Every piece has a part of my soul, my hopes, my wishes, my past, my future. Please respect this. When you find that piece that speaks to you and you know that it is meant to be yours, please, feel free to ask any question before buying.

I am an open book feel free to contact me with any questions. As well I am on Facebook and I do have a blog. Please realize that when following my blog, I may or may not update every day. I will only do so if I truly have something to say, or to show you new magik that is being born.