DivaworksDist's Shop Announcement

Divaworks Distribution carries and manufactures high quaility items for your shop.
Outside of Etsy, I do own a distribution company - its an incredibly SMALL woman owned company. And my company ONLY wholesales name brand products to retail establishments. NONE of those products are being sold by me here on Etsy. I have an awesome reputation with my customers.

I have a facebook page for the company with many followers. Some fans of the products that I personally create have asked me to sell them directly to the public. To make them happy, I have created this Etsy store. In it I will only offer the products that I personally make myself.

The very few items that I actually manufacture and list here on Etsy, are done by me. With my own hands. No one works with me on them. Contrary to belief they are NOT mass produced, and I have even had to PROVE that to Etsy because someone reported me for it. ONLY the items that I personally create are offered here on Etsy. I make everything in SMALL batches.

We also have a new behind the scenes blog at:

If you are reading this and thinking of reporting me, dont do it. Ive already been thru hell over it. Even tho I have been on Etsy for several years, I was always a "buyer" of other peoples products. Now that I have something that I make, I have just started selling on Etsy. If you are not an official Etsy Employee and you have a problem with my shop or items, please feel free to send me a message thru Etsy first. I think that is a very honorable and professional way to handle a situation. And I will be more than happy to discuss anything with you that you feel needs to be questioned. Let Etsy take responsibility and have them police their own site.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.