DollsofHecate's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my website of truly unique one of a kind re-imagined dolls.

Ever been to a thrift store and looked at the donated dolls? Even some up for bid on eBay aren't even fit for an animal companion to rip apart. So I decided to start re-imagining them, I guess "recycling" would be a more political correct term. Those dolls deserved a new life, darn it! After I am done with the re-imagining I hope that the once disheveled dolls can at the very least earn a spot or two on the Island of Misfit Toys but I think they would rather come live with you! Enjoy.

Also if you get a sec check out this awesome Etsy team I am a member of appropriately titled "A Nightmare on Etsy" all the members make really cool scary stuff. Love it!­y.

Also joined the Etsy team "Needful Things Dark Traders." So cool. I am honored to be a member. Check them out at:

I am continually coming up with new creations so please check back regularly.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.