DomesticStoriesShop's Shop Announcement

Welcome in our Domestic Corner serving elegant s cups of Comfort !

I hope you to be inspired to enhance the aesthetics of your home & improve your everyday life with your visit here. Interiors is my field of expertise and great passion, therefore I create products aiming at bringing balance, beauty & tranquility in living spaces.

The concepts of the prints are all originally conceived and produced in my effort to express my creativity through design and photography. Some of the pictures are taken through my trips, too.

The basic features of my work are clean lines, soft colours and a modern, minimal approach. A touch of romance is often noticed, while my love for architecture and geometry is clearly evident.
Understanding and living Love itself as a concept and its expression through everyday life is my target, my inspiration, my quest in life.

As much as I enjoy decorating places and creating things, I also love to write, expressing my thoughts and feelings not only about interior design, photography and pretty things, but also about life itself, with all its fortunes and...troubles! I'd love it if you came over my personal blog,
and Ikea Family Live's creative & inspiring online magazine, posting at his address

Thank's a lot for joining me and your support. It always makes me smile : )

Best regards
Iro {Ivy}

P.S: would you like a glimpse of the living space where I create?
Cristine has featured it in her "Etsy finds decor" series:
You may also find more relative links in my personal blog's "Elsewhere - thank you!" list.