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All products are made by myself and either one of a kind or limited edition pieces (f.i. ear jewellery).
I also offer to create your favorite model in your favorite color, (except one-of-a-kind pieces)
feel free to contact me for more informations!


Most of my products are made of diminutive glass beads. I use vintage beads as well as new produced ones.

For a long time I have tried many different beading-techniques, like sewing, embroidering, knitting and crocheting!
In european 19th century most beadwork was knitted. Parts of Germany were famous for producing pouches and purses using those tiny, mainly czech, glass beads.
I also was engaged in beadwork design from turn of the century ; " Art nouveau", " Wiener Werkstätte"

Finally I managed to find the best way for me to cover shapes and create complex patterns.
Tearproof Polyesterthread, razor-thin wire needles, crochet needles and shapes of hardwood are my working materials.
Also essential, the magnifying glass (most of my beads are too small to be crafted with the naked eye).
The very tiny beads I use ( f. i., a sphere with a diameter of 2 cm consists of approx. 700 beads.) make it necessary to work with special thin wire to pick them up.....By and by it has become a form of meditation to me.

I have collected diminutive, bittie beads for a long time, so there are over 100 different types and colors in my stock.
Feel free to contact me for more informations, if you like to have one of my "beaded products" in a different color.

My beaded earrings are very robust.
They are made with tearproof polyesterthread, or polyestercoated cotton thread. The inner shape is wooden.

I use many different varieties of glass beads in my work. Some are very robust! (opaque and transparent ones),
Those pieces can be cleaned in warm water with a soft brush.
others, color lined and silver lined are more sensitive,
In general most glass beads are afraid of water.
Getting wet for a short time It is not a problem, but please don´t wear during swimming or bathing.
Clean dry with a soft brush.
The silver can be polished by a silver clean cloth after tarnishing.

All products are made by myself and either unique or limited-lot productions (f.i. ear jewellery). Find some working processes on my blog:
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