Hi, need a quilt? (or a not-quilt?)

deconstructed checkerboard of robots (and a few spare parts)
bright colors and decorative hand stitching
could you sleep well on that pesky pea?
a vine-swinging gibbon in a jungle of texture

I make quilts for real people. Real People have personality.

My quilts aren't exactly what one might call commonplace. I started out making quilts for specific people in my family. I'm a detail person and my quilts show that. I made my sister a flip flop quilt mimicing actual flip flops she's owned; complete with missing rhinestones on the left one. I made a birdies on a fence quilt for my Gma Birdie. I made a robot quilt for a nephew with his last name in binary.
After that one, my family convinced me that babies need more options that ducks, trucks, or flowers. Babies have personalities and their parents have a sense of style. That's where my quilts come in. Monsters, robots, hidden jungle animals; you name it, I'll make it in a quilt.
I love seeing my designs come to life and love custom orders for the exciting challenge of borrowing someone's vision and sending it back to them ready to snuggle under.
Owner, Designer, Maker
I've always had designs in my head that needed a way out. When I was seven I was introduced to a sewing machine. When I was fourteen I was introduced to quilting. And I've never looked back.