I love working on projects outside. Here I am making a rainbow scoodie and wearing one of my own beanies.
This is a plushie I made for the lead singer of the band Hawthorne Heights. They published a photo of it in this book.
This was my set up at a small craft sale last winter.
This is an example of some of my foundational artwork. (charcoal drawing) I do take requests for custom drawings.
This is a thank you card I received from one of my customers. You guys rock!


Back in 2010 I decided to start an Etsy shop. I made my friend a pair of crochet slippers one year for her birthday. She immediately showed me Etsy and suggested I open a shop to sell my creations. The moment I logged on I was in love! I never imagined my shop would take off the way it did. I am so thankful to everyone who buys things from me.

When I'm creating you'll usually catch me curled up on the couch drowning in yarn. Most of my patterns are originals. I just grab a hook and some yarn and get going. What I'll end up with, no one really knows. For some of my creations I will draw up designs and plans. I especially do that for my cozies. For my cozies with felt embellishments, I use hand drawn stencils. I make a stencil from printer paper and laminate it with packing tape. Then each shape, spooky cats, mustaches, whatever I'm working on are hand cut from felt squares.

Sometimes I lose track of time and crochet for hours. The only thing that reminds me to stop is the aching in my wrists. I do "hand yoga" as I call it to make sure I stretch out. I try to do this every hour or so when I'm working.

I'm currently attending the University of Tennessee and pursuing a degree in studio arts. I am in my second year of training. I plan to add drawings and paintings to my shop soon.

I gather inspiration from everything. Everywhere I look I find beauty. I try to capture this beauty in my works. I love nature and being outside. Music also inspires me. Lately I've been into a lot of instrumental classical music.
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Hey there!
I'm Olivia.
I'm 22.
I'm a college student pursuing a studio arts degree.
I'm obsessed with fiber arts.
I love experimenting with color.
I enjoy getting custom requests for fiber projects as well as custom drawings and paintings.